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News / Post that You've been paid and You can Got more "paid"
« on: April 01, 2017, 03:35:07 AM »
Gigahashbit Ltd happy to announce that the business expansion grow well and We earn more from day to day and more peoples join this opportunity to earn together from mining bitcoins online.

Gigahashbit want to let other know more, that We're continue to paying all member who actively purchase power to generates more profits, as usually, always instant.

Gigahashbit try to offer more opportunity to Our active members, giving the chance to get "bonus in account balance", We will give randomly some bonus to any member (who have active investment), for anyone who post that You have been paid by Gigahashbit.

1) the post can be text or screenshot
2) make sure that show, You have been paid by
3) all post must show your username account, so We can send the bonus to Your account balance,
4) please post all "paid post" to :

Thank in advance for your active participation.

News / Withdraw Profit Guide
« on: March 08, 2017, 01:28:52 PM »
Hello GigaHashBit Investors, We know, Your day will be more brighter after withdraw some nice profits from what you have been purchased on GigaHassBit. There is some guide from us, especially for newcomer Investors and all prospective clients.

The easy step to withdraw from,

First, please login to with your credential details, the username and password.

After you are logged in to member area, make sure you have filled the correct data on payment details about your destination to withdraw the profits (your payment processor account id)

go to payment details

You will be redirected to wallets detail page on member area, make sure fill the form on from where you want to add funds or withdraw the money, make sure to fill it with the correct payment processor id,

When it's done do not forget to click "save"
attention: if you have submitted wrong payment processor id details, please contact support to change it

Now, is the time to withdraw the profit into your payment processor wallet, go to top right corner on that webpage and click "withdraw profit"

On next webpage/step, the cashout process will ask you, to where do you want cashout your profits ?

on To payment system* form choose from drop down menu which want you want withdraw your money
attention: You can withdraw profit only on the wallet, through which you made your investment.
fill Sum form with the amount of money do you want to cashout
Then, click "create" button

after new webpage opened and you're sure all details is correct, click "confirm" button

and then Done!, Congratulations, have earned profits from GigaHashBit Ltd

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